Navigating The Trans Dating World In The Best Possible Way

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Times, they are changing. Sure, we still have a long way to go in the trans dating world (and trans acceptance in general). But it isn’t easy to accept that the needle has moved in a progressive direction.

No, this isn’t an article directing activists to cease the fight and smell the roses. But it’s never unhealthy to take a short break and smell a rose or two.

The trans dating world has come a long ways thanks to the unity and actions of many.

But it remains, trans dating is a complicated, sometimes burdensome endeavor. There continue to be obstacles and prejudices we contend with.

So what are some of these trans dating obstacles and how do we overcome them?

Trans Dating Misconceptions Inundate Straight People Land

You can thank the world of porn for its bizarre, overly dramatic, unrealistic portrayals of the trans dating world for current misconceptions. While we’d like to think men would be smart enough to see through the glaring theater of trans porn, many don’t. Or, the trans porn builds up, exaggerates trans sex fantasies.

Translation: many cisgender men want a trans porn fantasy. The problem is that trans porn theater and real-life trans aren’t one in the same. And worse more, they aren’t even close.

This disparity often leads to bad first dates ripe with miscommunications and unfulfilled expectations on both sides.

The solution?

trans datingWell, I hate to break it to you, but some cisgenders are lost causes. They want what they want and you can’t change that. Even a smack of reality merely drives them back into their porn addiction.

But some cisgenders simply don’t understand trans life. As a result, they are clueless regarding trans sex. In these cases, information is power. Educating a cisgender can not only help spread awareness but help you build a sexual relationship.

The tricky part comes in figuring out the lost causes and which are just a little off the path. You can infuse some direction in a man and change your world. But in other cases, you may be banging your head against an immovable object.

So how do you know if a cisgender has merely lost his way, as opposed to living balls deep in trans porno land?

Well, for starters, the cisgender will likely ask exploratory questions. They will want to understand better what you like, enjoy, and desire. This is their way of feeling out what a sexual vibe for you is. And this is a good, empathetic approach.

When any human has empathy, it means they are willing to learn. So pick up on empathy cues. If you don’t feel any empathy vibes, you might run for the hills.

In the end, it’s up to all of us to continue to move forward. When we can educate, we should. When we should run, we most definitely should. There’s no reason to waste time; we have only this one life. So let’s make the best of things. Our romantic beings depend on it.