Tranny Hookers: Everything You Need To Know

trans safety dating tips

There are a variety of reasons a man might seek out a tranny hooker experience. Often, it’s because the man is finally seeking to fulfill his tranny sex fantasy, but wants to do so in anonymity. In these cases, the men feel as though they can increase discretion by way of a tranny escort. Because the other option might be going to a tranny bar whereas they could get recognized by other community members.

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3 Powerful Ways To Make Your Transsexual Hookup Explosive

So you want to fuck a tranny.

You want some shemale hookup sex.

We can use all the slang you’ve ever heard, but it all means the same thing: You’re on the prowl and you’re using Tranny Personals as your local hookup fantasy dream-maker.

Good on you.

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Trans Dating Safety Tips You Need To Know

No matter what your dating fetish is, safety should always remain a priority in your activity. At Tranny Personals, we take dating safety seriously. We believe that our dating software combined with our member’s use of practical safety applications amounts to one of the most fulfilling dating experiences online.

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Transexual Sex Tips: What To ‘not’ Expect

by Edith – 5 year member of Tranny Personals –

If you’re reading this article, it is quite possible that you are new to Tranny Personals. And even more possible that you’re completely new to transexual sex. Before I begin, let me tell you a few things.

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Beginners Guide To Dating a Trans Woman

In the beginning, dating a trans woman can be stressful to those who are new to the scene. There’s a lot of pressure and many of us tend to cave.

That’s the thing with tranny dating, though, it’s also ‘just dating,’ which imposes a level of intense pressure all on its own.

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Trans Personals: Guys You Want To Avoid

The uninspiring random dick pick. We’ve all experienced it on even the most tightly wound morality dating sites (cough cough christianmingle cough cough)….

As a transgender woman, landing an authentic, attractive man feels more like climbing Everest than it does signing up for a dating site. Tinder and the likes were brutal failures.

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5 Tips To Have Trans Dating Success

When you date a transexual, you should approach it in the same way you’d approach dating anyone. But that’s just not the society we live in today (hopefully, we get there soon). When it comes to a first tranny date, you need to consider some tips so that you can improve your odds for success.

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Don’t Make These 3 Shemale Dating Mistakes…

The shemale dating world is growing in popularity. A lot of this recent growth can be attributed to increasing comfort levels with sexual needs and wants. In other words, the old guard is being ushered away in lieu of a more progressive crowd.

But with a new crowd of folks comes new problems. In shemale dating, there are a lot of common mistakes made. But they can be avoided if you follow our shemale dating tips guide.

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Tranny Personals CEO Message To Users ‘Be Respectful of a Transgender Person’

Today’s world is as decisive as ever, particularly on social issues. The confusion over the LGBQT culture creates a divide, and angst. This has also served to make tranny dating a more difficult journey for all parties.

But it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

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