Should I Ask a Transexual About Her Genitals On First Date?

ask transexual about genitals

Our transexual personals dating site helps cisgender men find tranny love as good as any site out there. But let’s be honest, our site is a hookup experience.

Because our goal is to make tranny hookups happen, it goes without saying that genitals become a major factor in the grand scheme of things.

That’s fair.

And yes, it’s completely fine if you are wondering if you should ask a transexual about her genitals on the first date, or even prior.

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You don’t want to appear insensitive, or obtuse, nor do you want to insult your new tranny dating partner.

But, hey, you are here for the reason of lust over love. You’re here because you have a sexual interest in trans women. You’ve decided to break out of your bubble and finally experiment and pursue your desires. And sexual desires, as we all understand, mostly involves the use of genitals.

Should I Ask a Trans Person About Their Genitals?

can I ask a transexual about their genitals

First and foremost, before you dive too much further, make sure you read some of our educational tranny dating guides. Specifically, read our guide to sex with trans women. Its imperative that you get your footing before you attempt to sprint.

But it stands to reason, if you are pursuing transexuals for sex during your dating, you need to know if they are of your interests on a deeper level.

Pre-op transexuals have a cock. Post-op transexuals do not have a cock.

This is the A and B checkpoint, but it only begins your journey.

Yes, it’s OK to ask if a trans person has a dick. Because in the end, you don’t want to waste your time or their time. This is a hookup dating site, so let’s be real, how can it be successful if incomplete pairs keep meeting?

You need to know if you prefer A or B, or both. If you enjoy either, you don’t need to ask. But if you enjoy having sex with a trans partner who has a cock, you need to know if they still have a cock. It’s that simple.

It’s not rude, either.

There are critics of what I’m saying. But most of those critics are talking in terms of mainstream romance dating sites, not hookup sites. That said, why waste time pursuing a romance with someone that inevitably won’t be right for you sexually?

But that’s neither here nor there for us, because, we aren’t a traditional dating site.

We can’t worry with political correctness or offending someone through fetishization issues, because in the end, we’ll offend them when we aren’t what they want.

Remember, if you want a tranny with a dick and she shows up without one, you aren’t who she wants, either. This isn’t just about you. It’s about her, also.

And that makes sense. Because in the end, this is a tranny dating app. And “dating” is the core word to understand. Dating fails to work when we aren’t upfront with our needs. It’s as simple as that.

If someone is offended when they are asked if they have a dick, they shouldn’t have signed up for a hookup app. This isn’t groundbreaking stuff.

Now, this isn’t a free pass to avoid politeness all-together.

So there you have it. Yes, it’s OK to ask a transexual about their genitals, so long as you are polite and on a hookup site. It’s not OK to do so while in Target.

That works for everyone?