Transexual Sex Tips: What To ‘not’ Expect

transexual sex tips

by Edith – 5 year member of Tranny Personals –

If you’re reading this article, it is quite possible that you are new to Tranny Personals. And even more possible that you’re completely new to transexual sex. Before I begin, let me tell you a few things.

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1) It’s OK to be new to transexual sex. Don’t fear your cherry. It’s a good thing. The fact is, society doesn’t embrace those men with an affinity for transexual sex. It’s completely understandable that you’d live a life in the shadows. And the fact is, sometimes that means taking passes on ever trying. It’s a risk. But now that you’ve arrived on Tranny Personals, you’re decidedly in. That’s a good thing.

2) I’m a transexual. I’ve had sexual encounters with men who were on their first “tour,” if you will. For me, there’s been the good, which is the freshness. And the bad, which is the bumbling inexperience. I can help you with both.

3) Everyone had a first time. It’s normal. It’s impossible not to. So get over it and read on.

In this guide, I want to hit on some key points that I feel can improve not only your first transexual sex experience, but your shemale’s as well.

Don’t Talk Tranny ‘Too Much’

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve met a Tranny Personals newbie and had them talk my ear off about the tranny life and overload me with questions. I get it, you’re into it. You’re coming out of your transexual closet. Its natural to feel some energy. But its best to discover answers and facts online, first. I’m not saying that it all should be learned online, but the basics. There are plenty of transexual guides online including on the Tranny Personals blog.

There is no greater turn off than to feel as though you’re some sort of circus freak. That’s what an onslaught of questions convey. And worse more, we might think you are simply intrigued by the lifestyle, a tourist of sorts, not serious about having a transexual hookup. Then you’re a gonner.

Play a Tranny Simulator

I know this might sound weird, but I always recommend watching transexual porn and playing a tranny simulator. I’d recommend this tranny simulator if you don’t know of any others. I get how weird this might feel, but you’d be surprised by what you can learn playing a tranny simulator game. It will help you understand what you like and want. You might discover some new things. I also believe it helps you work through the nerves.

Know what you like

This is why watching tranny porn and playing a simulator are key. You need to create a list of what you like. Yes, write it down. Seeing things in writing tend to better help us realize concepts and cravings. If you don’t know what you like, your first experience will consist of you bumbling around. You’ll be completely awkward. Nervous energy already deploys a little nervous energy, you don’t need to add on to it because you aren’t sure where you want to put your hands, or where you want the shemale to put her hands.

Understand what your tranny dates boundaries are

Just because you enjoy being choked doesn’t mean your shemale date will.

Just a basic rule when it comes to sex and dating: it’s always best to talk boundaries. The fact is, it can be erotic to talk boundaries, so there is no reason to avoid it. In the end, you want to know exactly what you both are comfortable with. Unfortunately, too many guys think that shemales and trannies all enjoy a super aggressive variety of sex. But that’s not true. Like anyone, a tranny enjoys her own unique sexual experience.

The biggest transexual sex tip I can give you is to research and understand what it is that you like. Don’t hope your first shemale dating hookup is going to serve as your guiding light. She’s there because she wants to fuck for pleasure, not be your mentor.

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