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Tranny Personals: Free Local Shemale Dating.

Maintain discretion at all times.
Tranny Personals provides:
Largest shemale dating repository online.
Users who disclose private user info will be banned.
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No matter where you live, Tranny Personals facilitates shemale dating hookup experiences. 1,000's of transgender singles discreetly use TS Personals to discover new local hookups. Connect with 1000s of TS Personals profiles on Tranny Personals for free.

Our privacy-driven platform means you browse and connect with transgender singles in your area without fear of exposure. There is no other shemale dating site that can offer that powerful of a guarantee. We are the most reputable free shemale dating site on the web.

Our Tranny Personals app is simple to use. You can meet transexual women right away, although we encourage you to perform due dilligence and use common sense with all potential hookups. Tranny Personals gives you all the tools to meet horny shemales in your area.

Free Shemale Dating Experience

You might see an ad or two while browsing our transgender singles library, but you won't be charged. So long as you maintain discretion regarding your shemale hookups, you'll be welcome for life. Unlike other free tranny dating sites, our profiles are vetted by an algorithm to weed out the fakes. While we aren't perfect, our reputation for quality speaks for itself. We are the only free shemale dating app that leverages sophisticated technology to filter out spam accounts. Our technology is so impactful, it will de-rank profiles that go dormant for more than four months. This means any transgender singles you view will have been active within a few months.

Tranny Personals guarantees active accounts

Browse 1,000's of local transgender singles in your area

Discreet shemale dating means you'll never be exposed  

No more time-waste: Tranny Personals creates dating opportunities

We understand the frustration of dating app time waste. That's why we set out to put an end to it. Our shemale dating app filters out the spam and offers superior privacy for sexy transgender singles looking for a fun time. It's the perfect formula. We are confident you'll love the Tranny Personals experience much like the friend who recommended you to use our dating app.

Tranny Personal reviews speak for themselves.

Tranny Personals host 1,000's of daily active users. This is active shemale dating.

Don't get caught up in big brand dating sites that make shemale dating a mere afterthought.

Try being a priority today - Sign up now, your shemale dating story awaits.

Browse Free Tranny Personals Safely, Discreetly

Our dating app algorithm snuffs out the pretenders. When you pursue shemale dating experiences on Tranny Personals, you're chatting with real transgender singles near you.

Free Local Shemale Dating

It doesn't matter if you are home or on the road, our free local shemale dating app provides access to 1,000's of authentic transgender singles profiles.

Tranny Personals profiles are looking for straight guys who want the shemale sex experience. When you create a Tranny Personals profile, you instantly become sought after.

Sophisticated technology conceals your true identity.

Being an active Tranny Personals user helps to propel your profile to the top of our search rankings. Respond to messages, like/love other transgender profiles, and simply browse profiles to help remain active.

Not ready yet? Here's more reasons to sign up for free

The Shemale Dating Experience Happens In Minutes, Hours (not weeks)

Are you tired of big box dating sites telling you to be patient for months on end? They eat up your subscription payments while living on the "it's on the horizon" pitch.

Tranny Personals simple, hookup philosophy yields faster results.

Less dramas, more hooking up.

If minutes isn't fast enough for you, check out some of our other shemale dating tips.

1. Be Proactive

Most of our transgender singles are waiting for new local hookups to sign up. When you sign up, you'll be thrust to the Tranny Personals new section where current transgender singles users will see you. Many will elect to immediately message you, however, for best results, you should take a proactive stance and message profiles you find interesting.< /p>

You're tranny hookup success rate skyrockets when you put in just a little added efforts.

Don't fear rejection, rather, embrace the increased odds of finally getting laid by a sexy shemale.

2. Be Responsive

Your inbox will be immediately flooded. It's best form to respond to the ones you can. Sure, if you have 100 new messages from transgender singles on day one it can be trying to respond to all of them. We suggest you write back the people who put in time to truly write something unique and meaningful. Even if you aren't interested, it's best to let them know. It keeps your profile active and reduces time waste for other users.

Tranny Personals success rates are driven by active users.

Don't freak out by all the messages you receive right after signing up, embrace the pace, as we like to say around here.

3. Don't Give Out Personal Info Too Early

Our Tranny Personals dating app technology does all that i tcan to protect your privacy. However, once you give out personal info such as your real name, phone number, or Facebook profile, all bets are off the table. We understand that a time may come whereas you want to give out a real phone number. We simply suggest you wait until a safe amount of vetting time has passed.

4. Use Common Sense

While we do everything we can to prevent scams, your common sense approach to online dating will always serve as your best defense. Though rare, we do have the occasional nefarious being. Report any behavior which violates our TOS to our compliance department immediately.

Never 'lend' anyone money.

Don't give out your password. Tranny Personals staff will never ask you for your password.

Never give out banking information, or wire money to other users.

5. Have a Hookup Plan

You don't want to exist in perpetual tranny hookup talks, so have a plan. Know what motel you'll use. Make sure your discretion strategy is ready to go.

Remember, you're talking about 1,000s of transgender singles all living discreetly.

You're about to become part of a shemale dating underground hookup experience.

Its happening. Are you ready?

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