Why Your Hookup Life Is Starting To Suck

tranny hookup problems

In the early days, hooking up on Tranny Personals seemed easy and simple. Life was great. You were rolling in mutually exciting and pleasurable hookups.

But then, the dry spell came.

You didn’t see it coming. You never expected it. But the hookup run just sort of, stopped, without any warning.

So what the heck happened?

You Ran Out of Prospects

There are lots of singles looking to hookup all over the place. That’s a fact.

But we shouldn’t assume that the pot is bottomless. Depending on the size of your location, there is probably a bit of a ceiling. Sure, new singles are always popping online, but if you’ve exhausted a majority of them in your town, it might appear that your local singles list is stale.

And it may be, a bit, stale. That’s normal.

This isn’t an adult dating issue, it’s an online dating issue in general.

The way to resolve it is to expand your zip code to include further out areas. Over time, the zip code you live in will replenish itself with new, exciting hookup opportunities. But you can’t just put in your zipcode + 5-mile radius and expect a new handful of hookup opportunities to pop online each day. That’s not how any of this works.

You need to take the initiative to keep your hookup prospects list fresh.

Your Effort Slowed Down

You may not even realize this, but maybe your effort dwindled. Sometimes, when we get off to a hot start at anything we begin to lazily approach it. When you first popped on looking for tranny hookups, you were driven, motivated, and excited.

Then as the hookups panned out, you got more and more entitled. And thus began your lazy approach to hookups.

You sit now, waiting for someone to message you. You send out template messages and then wait. You refuse to expand your zip code, or your search criteria in any way.

You barely browse, you just wait for hookups to fall into your lap.

In the beginning, you didn’t wait around, you pursued and gave effort. You messaged hand-crafted IMs. You expanded your zip code. You gave new opportunities chances. You spent 15 minutes a day looking for new hookups.

You didn’t sit on your hands whining that nothing is working out. The hookup world was your oyster back then.

You Ghosted a Few Too Many Singles

Ghosting, while not the best way to sever ties with someone we find ourselves uninterested in, is a part of the dating game. It doesn’t matter if it’s adult hookups or mainstream romance-focused, ghosting is something that happens all the time.

You’ve probably ghosted people even though you complain when it happens to you. We are all a little hypocritical in that sense.

But if you’ve ghosted a few too many people, you may burn your reputation some and that amounts to fewer opportunities in the future. No one wants to waste time.

Plus, you might have ghosted some people unwittingly, and then when you come back, they want nothing to do with you. Some may even use the opportunity as a way to get revenge by rejecting your outreach.

It’s a dirty game out there and ghosting accelerates these issues.

At the end of the day, there is usually a decent reason for your tranny hookup woes. It most likely has to do with a change in your behavior. Don’t feel entitled to hookups just because you signed up. You need to continue putting in at least a little effort if you want to reap the rewards. So keep on trucking, friends.