What It Feels Like To Have Sex With Transgender Woman

It’s one of the most popular questions I get. Men ask me, “what does it feel like to have sex with a transgender woman?”

They ask this, of course, because my girlfriend is a non-op transgender woman. And I have frequent sex with her.

For many men, their attraction to transgender women is often thwarted by their misunderstanding of how sex works. This leads to fear and apprehension – and that’s entirely fair.

So let’s break down the ins and outs of having sex with a non-op transgender woman – all based on my experiences.

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Navigating The Trans Dating World In The Best Possible Way

Times, they are changing. Sure, we still have a long way to go in the trans dating world (and trans acceptance in general). But it isn’t easy to accept that the needle has moved in a progressive direction.

No, this isn’t an article directing activists to cease the fight and smell the roses. But it’s never unhealthy to take a short break and smell a rose or two.

The trans dating world has come a long ways thanks to the unity and actions of many.

But it remains, trans dating is a complicated, sometimes burdensome endeavor. There continue to be obstacles and prejudices we contend with.

So what are some of these trans dating obstacles and how do we overcome them?

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Tranny Hookups In ‘The New Normal’ – How Do We Proceed?

The world outside is changing. The pandemic is easing up, at least to some degree. Summer is upon us. Masks mandates are lessening. People are getting vaccinated. And we’re ready to get back out there and find some tranny hookups (or cisgender hookups, depending on us).

But not so fast.

Things aren’t “back to normal” just yet. We still have some ways to go. But as we make our final descent, maybe it’s time to get prepared for what to expect.

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How To Score Tranny Hookups With a Dope Profile

When it comes to achieving the ultimate Tranny Personals experience, we always recommend being somewhat energetic. In other words, don’t just create a profile and rely on it as some sort of tranny hookup bait. Things don’t typically work that way.

That said, people do browse profiles and message interesting sexy opportunities. And you should always optimize your Tranny Personals profile for exactly those situations.

Here’s how.

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How To Discuss Transsexual Dating Discrimination

When dating a transsexual, there always exist an elephant in the room. That is, until you clear the room. And sometimes, that may be needed in order to continue your transsexual hookup ambitions.

The cloud of discrimination against transsexual people doesn’t dissipate because your on a hookup date. It remains seared into the mind of your potential or current lover.

But bringing up the topic poses pretty tricky navigation.

Lets discuss the full breathe of opening up about transsexual discrimination.

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Meeting Your Tranny Personals Date Before The Hookup

For lots of reasons, it’s wise to quickly meet up with your Tranny Personals interest before hooking up. We recommend a public place, if possible, and nothing too involved (think a cafe or even a walk in a public park). The point of the meeting is to make sure you are both who you claim to be and that the sexual synergy remains when in-person.

Making the place public helps foster a safe environment.

But how should you act and proceed during a Tranny Personals initial meet up?

Let’s look.

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Meet a Tranny For an Ultimate Christmas Fling

Christmas has finally arrived. Clearly, the Coronavirus pandemic has blackened the eye of one of our most treasured holidays, but it’s not down and out. At least not yet.

Both Thanksgiving and Christmas traditionally have served to prompt lots of tranny hookups over the years. But are they still capable in a world where economic shutdowns are seemingly the rule?

Why yes, they can, and even better.

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2 Cisgender Bros No Tranny Wants To Hookup With

As much as we want to grow the Tranny Personals community, we don’t want to do so while sacrificing our site’s quality. Online tranny dating quality works from both ends of the spectrum: The man seeking a tranny hookup and the tranny seeking a cisgender hookup. If either group drops in quality, our dating site loses its ability to connect sexual matches.

And we don’t want that.

So, consider this a public service notice, cisgenders. If you are one of these bros, you probably don’t belong here.

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