How To Discuss Transsexual Dating Discrimination

transsexual dating

When dating a transsexual, there always exist an elephant in the room. That is, until you clear the room. And sometimes, that may be needed in order to continue your transsexual hookup ambitions.

The cloud of discrimination against transsexual people doesn’t dissipate because your on a hookup date. It remains seared into the mind of your potential or current lover.

But bringing up the topic poses pretty tricky navigation.

Lets discuss the full breathe of opening up about transsexual discrimination.

The Case Against

For a lot of people, discreet transexual dating is an opportunity at escapism. It allows us all to dodge and circumvent our stressful realities even if just for a few hours a week, or month.

This is true for all of us, but even more so for a transsexual person who may experience social stressors on the daily. For them, hookup dating may serve as the “cut to the chase” opportunity that’s “sans social stigmas” they’ve been waiting for.

When you bring up social justice issues, it might feel appropriate, but for the transexual your on a date with, they may feel its a downer.

It doesn’t mean you “did something wrong,” per se. It just means that your good intentions inadvertently resulted in creating stress for the person. And that serves as a contradiction to your ambitions.

The Case For

Its obvious why you might want to bring up the subject of transsexual discrimination. You may want to signal you care about issues which effect your date. You may want to give your date the opportunity to open up. You may just want to spark some deeper, more profound conversational exchanges.

Additionally, you may want to remove the elephant in the room for good. By discussing social justice issues, you help bring such issues to the surface. This can ignite a much deeper connection with your partner and that, of course, can prompt more explosive sex. And that’s the goal on a discreet dating site.

How To Know Which Way To Go

And now, the million dollar question.

We’ve built a case for and against bringing up transsexual social justice issues with your date. But how do you know which pill to swallow?

The answer is tricky and never completely clear.

Firstly, the number one key to understanding when to bring these issues up is when your partner raises such points in conversation. If they bring it up, its likely a hint for you to discuss your compassionate perspective. If they don’t ever mention an inkling on the matter, it may be best to just remain talking about other topics of interests.

If You Do Talk About Transsexual Discrimination

If the moment arises to discuss such a heavy issue, remember a few things:

Don’t pretend to understand, only empathize

Acting as if you know all there is to know about the plight of transsexual life often comes off insulting. You aren’t them, you don’t walk into their shoes, no matter how many transsexual friends or lovers you have.

Allow them to talk. Empathize with their points. Show compassion and understanding.

Listen, Listen, and then Listen more

Don’t talk at someone, listen to them. Don’t cut them off to make your own points, instead, put on your listening ears. Listening is a driver of compassion. You’ll relay that you actually care about the person’s position in life.

The Takeaway…

Transsexual dating is a fun way to meet new like-minded people. But it doesn’t mean that social issues simply vanish because we are on a hookup site. People still feel repressed and overlooked and disenfranchised. The key is understanding when that person desires a discussion. Its always important to listen first, talk second.