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Shemale Dating Guides.

Our transexual sex tips guide helps first timers understand the do's and dont's of their first shemale dating sex hookup.

Are you new to tranny personals? Learn the ins and outs of tranny dating by reading our beginners guide to trans dating.

Trans and shemale dating is more open than ever due to crumbling walls driving public perception. But that means more straight guys who don't 'get it.' If you are a straight guy looking for a trans dating experience, learn who you DON'T want to be...

Trans and shemale dating is, well, dating. But we do have to admit, tranny dating has a little extra flare and spice. So how can you become successful?

I can't tell you how often I see straight men make these brutal shemale dating mistakes. Learn how you can avoid becoming another failed straight guy navigating the shemale dating waters.

As CEO and Founder of Tranny Personals, I'd just like to extend a warm welcome to all our newcomers and lend my voice to the cause of equality and incclusivity in the dating world.

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