Tips for Choosing a Cisgendered Hookup As a Transgender Woman

cisgender dating trans woman

In the transexual dating world, time is of the essence. If you partake in too much time waste, your soul will get sucked dry. And no one wants that. Transexual personals and dating certainly frustrate us from time to time. We want our cisgender hottie and our cake, but it can often feel as though that’s an impossible ambition.

I’m here to tell you that’s not true. You can have your cake and your sexy cisgender date, too.

But you’ll need to create a winning strategy, because like anything else, knowledge is power.

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You’ve begun chatting it up with a sexy cisgender. The smell of new sex is suddenly seeping through your skin. You can feel it, it’s gonna be awesome. But suddenly, you get those transexual dating flashbacks. The cisgender prick who got scared to touch your dick. The cisgender “tranny tourist” who was more curious than horny.

We all have transexual dating scars. They make us who we are today. They’ve built character. But we also realize that too many of them drain our energy.

Let’s look at some ways you can hedge your cisgender dating bets and improve your odds at amazing sex.

Snoop The Social

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little snooping. Pay attention to your cisgender’s Tranny Personals profile. If you know their Facebook, prod around.

Look for old posts or blogs. You want to get a feel for who this person is and how they communicate with others. You might get some insights into their worldview.

Look, you’re not planning to marry this guy, but it doesn’t hurt to get some insights and create a framework that helps you understand what you’re getting into.

There’s no shame in snooping around. It can help you cut down on time waste and increase your safety.

Ask For Their Transexual Dating Experiences

You’re on a tranny personals hookup site. This concept means you’re likely hoping to meet this person in real life in shorter order than normal. So it stands to reason that you’d want to know as much about this person as possible.

Ask them about prior transexual dating experiences. Learn more about what they enjoy in transexual sex. For cisgenders, they may ask you about your genitals. Be open to that question.

The more information, the better. Unfortunately, the world can’t hand you a tranny dating resume that highlights their sexual histories. But you can ask. You can listen. When you listen, you can conclude if the person is right for your needs.

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Keep a Date Plan Handy

It’s best that you have a date plan for your cisgender interest, particularly if said cisgender is new to transexual hookups.

Having a date plan means you don’t do the back and forth over how you’ll meet up, or even when you’ll meet.

You can’t be persuaded by casinovas. Instead, you have a plan on how you allow a cisgender to pursue you. You have stages and timelines and hookup meeting places.

If a cisgender doesn’t like your plan, he’s not for you. Everyone needs to respect boundaries and understand that tranny sex has a lot of complex needs in safety and sex.

Signs a Cisgender Isn’t For You

Here’s a quick list of cisgender red flags.

He’s super braggadocious, or overly “tough guy.” You don’t need a macho man and often that’s just a cover for massive insecurities. Avoid narcissists like the plague.

He’s not liberal-minded. I mean, if he’s not socially liberal, how the heck is he gonna deal with a transexual love interest? That’s just obvious.

He’s elusive with info. Tranny Personals is a hookup site, so yeah, people don’t divulge super personal info. But you need to get some info. Like what they like, what they are into, what they’ve enjoyed in past tranny sexual hookups. If the person doesn’t want to discuss these things or keeps telling changing facts in old stories, avoid them.


As a transgender person, dating a cisgender can be complicated. But if you come up with a cisgender dating plan, you can help cut down on energy drains and time wastes. You’ll always be exposed to idiocy no matter how you date. You know that. The tranny bars were full of “bros” that wasted your precious time. But you can cut down on it. And that’s all any of us can ask.

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