Beginners Guide To Dating a Trans Woman

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In the beginning, dating a trans woman can be stressful to those who are new to the scene. There’s a lot of pressure and many of us tend to cave.

That’s the thing with tranny dating, though, it’s also ‘just dating,’ which imposes a level of intense pressure all on its own.

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So how do we help ourselves relieve some of the beginner trans dating pressure? I mean, if you’re already a member of Tranny Personals, you’re probably already in a position to embark on your first tranny dating experience.

Fear not, we’ve got some amazing tranny dating tips and tricks that are sure to get you prepped and ready for success.

It’s Just a Date…

Before we get into the barrage of trans specific dating issues, it is imperative that you remember that a tranny dating experience is, as stated in the header, a dating experience.

Remove the transexual aspect and you are left with two people who just want to figure out if they are right for one another. That alone brings in stress and complications. Don’t worsen the situation by overthinking the trans aspect.

You are two people, trying to navigate conversation, hoping you wore the right thing, wondering if you’re eyeliner or cologne is poor choice.

Observe the human element before the shemale dating element. Because if you are a bad date, you’re certainly a bad shemale date.

Men Who Are Into Trans Aren’t Always Gay

Likely one of the biggest myths in trans dating. All men who are into a trans woman are not gay. This narrative is commonly pushed among the cisgender community, but it’s inherintly false.

Gay men like men. They enjoy a sense of masculinity in their partners. This is why the logic of gay men being into trans falls apart.

For a gay man to be into a trans woman, they most likely need to be bisexual. It’s somewhat rare as you will find on Tranny Personals.

Mainstream Trans Dating Is Rough

I’m not trying to burst you’re bubble. Let’s be honest, you’re here on Tranny Personals for a reason. Most likely, you’ve been let down by the Tinders of the world.

The fact is, trans dating on sites like Tinder is rough goings. Many trans people don’t blatantly announce their trans card in their bios. You have to rummage through many other layers before opening such an interaction.

On Tranny Personals, you’re all set. It’s understood that this is a tranny and shemale dating site. There are no questions regarding the matter. It means you cut to the chase.

Be Safe (It’s Imperative)

Tranny Personals is a shemale dating site with a spectacular reputation for trans dating success. You know this, it is why you landed here. It’s why you’re exploring and learning. It’s why you’re shuddering with excitement.

But that doesn’t mean everyone and anyone is up to all good. Unfortunately, unsavory characters prowl all dating sites, even this one.

Always be safe. Always perform due diligence on your potential tranny date. And always wear protection, it’s just the right thing to do for everyone.


Shemale dating on Tranny Personals means understanding some basic guidelines. Overall, it’s important to be safe and never take anything for granted. Be yourself and commit to being spontaneous and communicative. You’ll end up finding that Tranny Personals can wholly increase your shemale network beyond what you ever considered.

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