3 Powerful Ways To Make Your Transsexual Hookup Explosive

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So you want to fuck a tranny.

You want some shemale hookup sex.

We can use all the slang you’ve ever heard, but it all means the same thing: You’re on the prowl and you’re using Tranny Personals as your local hookup fantasy dream-maker.

Good on you.

Meet Trannies In Your Area Now

But here’s a question, would you even know what to do with your tranny hookup when you finally get in the position?

The fact is, many first-timers join Tranny Personals thinking the dream comes easy. In a way, it does, given that you’ll be exposed to tons of trannies. But sometimes problems arise when men looking for a tranny sex experiment don’t know what to do.

We’re here to help.

Visualize, Plan Your Tranny Fuck Fest

If you are signed up for Tranny Personals, you have fantasies. But have you just jerked off to your tranny sex fantasies, or given them a realistic chance?

Visualize a realistic scenario. What will you say on your first tranny hookup meeting? Your shemale dating visual should include exactly how you will convey your tranny fuck fantasy.

You need to realize that fantasy and realism don’t always mesh. That’s fair. So you need to truly think through your first tranny dating hookup and be prepared for curve balls.

Do You Dominate, Or Go Submissive?

Understand who and what you are. You want to lead the dance, but do so before you meet up. You should do as much due diligence on your shemale date as possible.

Does your shemale date like to dominate, or be submissive? What do you like? Don’t just take the first tranny sex opportunity that springs on you. You’ll get a ton of shemale dating opportunities on Tranny Personals. Be patient.

Know what you want. And go get it. Don’t settle.

Know Your Tranny Terms

Don’t come in hot without any foundation for what is involved with communicating with a shemale. If you ask too many dumb questions, your tranny date may begin to think you are just curious and exploring and not serious about a sexual encounter.

Go online, read our tranny dating guides, and get your #$% together. Don’t blow the opportunity unless the opportunity wants blown (yeah, I did that).


If you are serious about tranny dating and sex, you’ll do a little work prior to the actual date. Make sure you read all the bio information and ask any Tranny Personal hookup you communicate with questions. Learn about your shemale, don’t fly blind. Be patient and the right shemale date is certain to come along.

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